Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kindle Fire Set To Outsell Apple Ipad

Amazon’s Android operated Kindle Fire gadget has not actually gone on sale but it already seems to be the potential iPad beater. Some leaked screenshots of Amazon’s in house inventory management system indicate the above reported fact. With respect to the screenshots, Kindle Fire is being requested at a norm of about 2000 units per hour; or a total amount of 50,000 orders in a day. Five days after the announcement of the tablet, Amazon had already achieved around 250,000 orders and analyst predict that if the very same rate goes on, Amazon might receive about 2.5 million pre-orders by 15th November 2011; the day it technically goes on to sale.
And if that happens, the Amazon Kindle Fire will basically beat the iPad as well as the iPad 2 in 1st month sales.

The first version iPad was able to get 300,000 sales on its day of release - and just over one million sales in the first month, while the iPad 2 was able to get around 2.5 million sales in the first month.
Amazon will not merely conquer the iPad series, but additionally some other widespread tablets in sales such as Motorola’s Xoom and RIM’s Blackberry Playbook.
While we are articulating about Kindle Fire out-selling different tablets, we must also not neglect the fact that Kindle Fire at the moment is in its pre-ordering phase which renders it incomparable to revenues of iPad, Xoom etc; likely due to the point that pre-orders can be cancelled or rate of order might see a downfall.
Meantime, the future of Kindle Fire looks very promising. It is on track to end up being the low-price full featured competitor to the likes of iPad, Galaxy Tab as well as the HTC Flyer. These tablets are decent in their own place, but the Fire might take away the market due to its low cost. A further selling point for the Kindle Fire may be its Amazon backed marketplace which offers you a large assortment of apps as well as other tablet related material.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kindle Fire Details Page

When the Amazon Kindle Fire was released, we thought it was pretty striking. Who knew so many people required an eBook reader?
According to the market analysis firm eDataSource, an anticipated 95,000 preorders came in for the Kindle Fire on the first day. An extra 20,000 have been sold a day to reach a total of 215,000. Not bad. 

Those details are only estimates. FYI, Amazon does not let go of official sales numbers. Annual sales for the Kindle have been believed at anywhere from 500,000 in 2008 to 8 million in 2010. That's pretty staggering growth, but will it continue? By comparison the iPad sold 300,000 units it's first date of sale. 
The Kindle Fire was presented on September 28 and will retail at $199.99. The price is definitely right, but we're still weighing all the avenues. 
We think the Kindle Fire has the highest chance of catching the iPad by the paws. And we appreciate a good underdog story. Besides, our pocketbooks could use the respite. 
If we pick our electronic gizmos like we pick our winter jackets, then they must be operational, eye-catching and secure. Is Kindle Fire the "trifecta"? Add in the competitive price and we might just be persuaded.

Kindle Fire Details Page